Body Scan Meditation Changed My Days

Body Scan Meditation Changed My Days

Days go by fast. Before you realize it 2020 is gone. This year that would be a good thing. But that’s not the point. We tend to play our lives like a racing game. The thing is, our body and mind are no machines. We do not drive a race…

Meditation is for spiritual people or only for religious monks

I Never Thought Meditation Would Work

That’s how I always thought about meditation. I imagined a picture of someone sitting in a lotus position. These people are wasting there precious time! I never saw meditation as something that I would enjoy or better yet would benefit from.

Now that I’m working from home during the COVID-19-pandemic…

Write down what you want and get after it.

3 Rules By Joe Rogan That Will Immediately Change Your Life

Joe Rogan is straight up and get’s to the point. No wishy-washy advice, but pure and practical rules to live up to. The simplicity and straightforwardness in his advice are what I liked the best. …

Small continuous improvements are game-changers

I Wish I Would Have Asked Myself These 3 Questions Earlier

As a Scrum Master and life enthusiast, I’m always interested in ways to improve. Looking for ways to improve productivity, health and life in general. Looking back I realize that it’s the small habits that create huge improvement over time.

I don't know about you, but I found myself wondering…

Everyone has the obligation to learn how to be effective and get the right things done.

According To Peter Drucker, All Knowledge Workers Are Executives And Have To Get The Right Things Done

More than 50 years ago and now even more relevant than when it was first published, Peter Drucker wrote the book ‘Effective Executive — The Definitive Guide to Getting the Right Things Done’.

His thinking on effectiveness has influenced almost all theories on effectiveness we know nowadays. Even back in…

Editing can bring your photography to life

Beginner Photo Editing Tips From A Beginner Photo Editor

Photography captures the beauty in this world and editing will bring life and emotion to these captures.

As stated in my article Beginner Photography Tips From A Beginner Photographer, we should all find new joys in our lives right now. …

A small gesture can go a long way

Random Acts Of Kindness To Heal The World

I remember growing up, I was a difficult young boy. I thought the world was against me and found my relief with the misfits of our time. Skaters, punks, metalheads and the like. When you’re in puberty you’re vulnerable. You want to fit in, truly belong to something. …

Let us reach for the stars and focus on our goals

The 2020 Scrum Guide: Think About The ‘Why’. Let us reach our goals.

A new Scrum Guide was exactly what 2020 needed. Scrum not only preaches empiricism but lives empiricism itself. Not only it’s users but also the framework itself is under continuous change. On November 18th the new version of the Scrum Guide was released during a Zoom Launch meeting.

Ken Schwaber…

Decision-making is a hard skill to master. Just say no for more happiness and productivity.

Decision making is a hard skill to master. Just say no for more happiness and productivity.

You and I say yes way too often. On the stuff, you don’t want to do. This is because saying ‘No’ makes us feel uncomfortable. While you will become happier and produce more and better outcomes when you learn how to deal with saying ‘Yes’ or ‘No”.

I remember myself…

How I wished I knew this from the start

Beginner Photography Tips From A Beginner Photographer

The beauty of the semi-lockdown is finding new hobby’s! Yes, the entire pandemic is changing our lives. But in the words of Winston Churchill,

‘Never let a good crisis go to waste’

we should all find new joys in our lives. …

Niels Nieuwenhuizen

Life Enthusiast and Scrum Master with a Purpose to Help others Grow and Improve

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